Olympic Games, World Cup, Tour de France ... behind the financial scenes of major sporting events

The Olympic Games, the Football World Cup, the Route du Rhum ...these sporting events which will occupy the news in 2018 see, with the media coverage of the various sports and the increase in income, the appearance of a real financial logic.of this economic change go beyond the melee of logos and acronyms: it is sport itself, its practice, its rules, its competitions and its economic health that are at stake.

Associations based in Switzerland, flourishing companies, discover who is hiding behind the scenes of these major sporting masses: organizers, country of establishment, third-party structures… A look back at the organization of major sporting events and the birth of the behemoths of the events that share this market.

How we worked: We identified a hundred sporting events with an international dimension and researched who was the organizer.It is extremely difficult to obtain figures of the revenues generated or the sums committed for each event, and even for each organizer.- these often have an association status, and very rarely allow them to consult their budget statements online.Companies organizing sporting events are not listed and therefore have no obligation of transparency vis-à-vis the big public You can find all of our data here.

The advantageous Swiss association status

If the organization of professional sporting events has existed since the 19th century, it has become a lucrative economic sector over the past thirty years, in particular thanks to the appearance of television rights.

In terms of status, in the vast majority of cases (64 out of 100 organizers studied), event organizers are structured into associations, almost half of them (25) are based in Switzerland, such as the International Federation of football (FIFA), the European Union of Football Associations (UEFA), the International Olympic Committee (IOC)… In total, Transparency International lists around sixty.

Posted Date: 2021-01-15

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