Why don’t you take advantage of the early fall to get into golf?

Concentration, precision, control: it’s the ideal activity to get out on the green, enjoy the beautiful colours of the Indian summer and work on your head and legs. Discover our 5 tips for beginner golfers.Forget your prejudices about golfMore accessible and younger, golf has largely become more democratic. We are now very far from an elitist discipline that can sometimes give the impression that it is reserved for a few annuitants or retirees. Think of it as a complete sport that allows you to work on your flexibility, balance, coordination and concentration while getting away from it all.Learn golf with a real teacherRarely do you learn to play golf by watching videos online or on the go with friends. The golf swing is very precise and requires perfect placement. To get started, you should take at least a few lessons with a real golf instructor who will show you the right gestures and correct your posture. This is essential to gain self-confidence, not to get discouraged from the start and to avoid hurting yourself!Don’t try to skip the stepsMastering golf techniques requires a certain amount of patience. Don’t start out immediately on a long course – wait for about three months of practice. Take the time to perfect your swing on the driving range and empty a few buckets of balls on the putting green. To familiarize yourself with the course, you can “caddy” for someone who knows the course better than you do.Remember to warm upAlthough golf is a relatively gentle activity, it nevertheless mobilizes the body’s joints to a great extent. It is therefore essential to warm up before starting in order to avoid tendonitis and other injuries. To do this, spend a few minutes doing gentle rotations, in both directions, starting from the lower body: ankles, knees, hips, waist, then shoulders, elbows and wrists. Don’t be surprised if you feel a little stiff at first: the body must be perfectly sheathed – especially in the abdominal area – and the bust rotations require weight transfers, as well as work on the thighs, which may surprise you.Keep it simpleNo need to invest from the start in a complete range of products! The clubs are on loan to you and you can quite simply start with a comfortable pair of tennis shoes and sportswear, you can also opt for second-hand equipment, but just make sure that it is comfortable and has no flaws.Take off your rings and watch and remember to wear a glove: in the beginning, you tend to overtighten the golf club and cause blisters.

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